Bondview Using New Web Anti Scraping From Scrape Defender

The financial data industry is a continual target for web scrapers who take content without paying for it. The team of web anti scraping experts at ScrapeDefender helped Bondview protect its web content and we wanted to tell you about it.

Software developers rely on screen scraping to access free content that is […]

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Puerto Rico Bonds Complete Junk Or Not?

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass added to the headline risk surrounding Puerto Rico when he appeared on CNBC this morning to give his opinion on the embattled Puerto Rico bond market.

Bass sees Puerto Rico has huge pension liabilities, is mired in a population decline and pays no federal income tax. Yet they remain […]

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See Detroit’s Official Bankruptcy Filing

Detroit filed for federal bankruptcy protection after years of decline. Here is the actual official Detroit Bankruptcy  filing.

Here is a real time list of Detroit’s defaulted bonds and where they are trading.

The filing by the automobile capital and onetime music powerhouse – which has liabilities of more than $18 billion – is the country’s largest-ever municipal bankruptcy […]

Is This A Good Time To Buy Muni Bonds?

High-grade, tax-free municipal bonds have been trading above 5 percent, a historical buying indicator according to bond advisors. Taxable-equivalent yields on instruments like that are between 8.5 percent and 9 percent depending on your state residency and tax bracket. Think about it: if you are a US dollar-based American citizen in a higher tax […]

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Alien (Pensions) Verse Predators (Muni Bondholders)

The Stockton, CA. example could encourage cities to view bankruptcy as something other than a last resort. Bond-holders, taxpayers and government officials throughout the country are perplexed and angered will by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein’s ruling to pursue a plan that stiffs its bond-holders.

Here is a real time […]

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Distressed Munis, Buy, Sell or Hold?

Detroit and Puerto Rico which have been on the market’s radar screen for quite some time. In early March 2013, Detroit announced a yet-to-be-named state-appointed emergency manager for the City of Detroit. Few in the muni market are unaware of the challenges facing the city, but it is worth mentioning […]

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The Painful Truth: Some Municipal Bondholders Will Take A Hit

The Painful Truth is that as debt increases, so do the risks it will be politically, economically and financially worthwhile for borrowers to walk away from paying back their loans to bondholders. To see a real time list of the largest defaulted municipal bonds.

Municipal bankruptcy is very different than the two most common forms […]

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Municipal Bond Bankruptcy. Why Its Different This Time.

Is there an Evolving View of Bankruptcy in the Municipal Market?

The traditional view of municipal bankruptcy, and the defaults leading up to them, was that it had to be avoided at all costs. Cities, such as New York City, Cleveland and Philadelphia that were under severe stress, would accept some element of […]

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More Bond Defaults Starting To Hit As Taxpayers Pay The Tab

The painful truth is that as debt increases, so do the risks it will be politically, economically and financially worthwhile for borrowers to walk away from paying back their loans to bondholders. Surprised local taxpayers from Stockton, Calif., to Scranton, Pa., are finding themselves obligated for parking garages, hockey arenas and other enterprises […]

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Bondview Announces Free Red Alert System for Defaulted Municipal Bonds

New York, NY (June 26, 2012 has announced the availability of its new investor tools to provide expert real time analysis, alerting and trading information about defaulted municipal bonds. This new free tool is available now and gives investors a centralized web site to review information about defaulted bonds, a task that was previously […]

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