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Retail Bond Investors Get Info the Pros Won’t Share

Wall Street Journal article focused on Bondview CEO Robert Kane.

New BondView Index Shows Muni Bond Investors 2x as Likely to Buy Rather Than Sell Bonds

BondView's Buy /Sell Index tracks 1.2 million bond transactions from the prior 30 days. Currently the index shows 2.5 purchases for every one sale. The Index helps investor's spot value and risk.


Field Hearing on the State of the Municipal Securities, SEC, Jefferson County, Alabama July 29, 2011

Local governments on the brink, Chicago Fed Letter

Good article on the likelihood of local governments defaulting on their debt or filing for bankruptcy. Despite the challenging fiscal environment today, the vast majority of local governments are not likely to do either, if history serves as a guide for the future.

Market Valuation Of Muni Bond Portfolios

Presentation from the US Treasury on Bond Duration - the measure of the price sensitivity of a fixed-income security to an interest rate change of 100 basis points.

Report: The Sky Is Not Falling: Threat of Bond Default Exagerated

Excellent report that the Sky Is Not Falling and that the threat of bond default are exaggerated from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Fitch Report Says Debt levels for U.S. local and state governments are relatively low

U.S. State and Local Government Bond Credit Quality: More Sparks than Fire. 11/16/10, (Source:

Hearings: Muni Bond Market Changes, 10/28/10, Elisse Walter, SEC

Great speech by SEC's Elisse Walter on bond market field hearings about changes bond market participants want.

Muni Bond Commissions & Spreads - The Whole Truth.

CBS MoneyWatch says BondView is "an amazing new tool", CEO Robert Kane quoted. How much does it really cost to sell an individual municipal bond?

Bondview's CEO Roert Kane Comments in Investors Business Daily

Supply Blamed For Muni ETF Dive", 11/17/10, Investors Business Daily, By TRANG HO,

How Would A Municipal Bankruptcy Work?

Good article on the restrictions of a Chap 9 bankruptcy. Relief for Municipalities in Financial Dire Straits. Chapter 9 balances federalism with states' sovereignty. Andrew Tenzer and Robert Britton, New York Law Journal, September 27,

Stick With "Safe Sector" Bonds

SmartMoney says stadium bond represent too high a percentage % of all defaulting muni bonds. BondView CEO, Robert Kane quoted " of all stadium bonds traded in the last 30 days, 78% held just 2 our of 5 star ratings. 9/15/10

Bondview's CEO, Robert Kane, Comments In Smart Money

Museum Bonds Exhibit Woes, Muni Bond Watch by Will Swart, 8/11/10

BondView CEO Robert Kane comments in SmartMoney,

Idustrial-Revenue Munis Wilt in Tough Summer, Muni Bond Watch by Will Swart, 8/4/10

Report: Munis Just Fine, Treasury Panel Offers Its Take

Despite recent headlines warning that deteriorating state and local finances will lead to bond defaults, a Treasury Department advisory committee has determined the municipal market "appears to be in reasonably good condition."

MSRB Fact 2009 Book

Comprehensive and historical statistics on trading patterns in the municipal market

Valuing Your Bond Portfoio

Good presentation on how to value market-based bonds portfolio courtesy of the US Treasury.

US Senate Hearings on Muni Bonds

EMMA's market activity pages provide a window for viewing market-wide information about municipal securities.

Pitfalls of buying bonds at retail from a full-service broker.

You have $100,000 to invest. Which government bond should you invest in? Bond A, B or C?

Snapshot in Time from a Lehman Brothers Muni Bond Presentation

Fascinating snapshot from once upon a time when Lehman's muni bond department was offering safe and not safe investments.

Gluten-Free Sourdough & Weston A. Price Principles by Sharon Kane

Good article on gluten free cooking for people with food allergies.


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