BondView Excel Add-in

The BondView Excel Add-in allows you to make use of BondView data in real-time directly from Excel. With features like the ability to pull CUSIP specific information, fetch trade history, and run reports, the BondView Excel Add-in gives you total control over your municipal bond portfolio and critical up-to-date information.

We offer the add-in in two different versions; a basic version, available to all users of BondView for free, and a premium version with access to more data and statistics. While you may upgrade your basic account to a premium account at any time, why wait? Here are some of the many features you'll get access to:

  Basic Edition Premium Edition
Basic Fields ;
Premium Fields
3rd-Party Estimated Prices
Historical Pricing
Stress Test Statistics
Built-in Reports
Online Help

System Requirements
Office 2000-2010, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Higher, .NET Framework Version 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation problems on Windows XP with a service pack of 2 or earlier are usually caused the .NET Framework not being installed. Normally the installer will download and install this for you but Microsoft has discontinued this service for Windows XP on any service pack under version 3. The solution is to either install Service Pack 3 or install the .NET Framework Version 4 manually.
If you receive an error message indicating that a previous version is installed, please go to your Control Panel and double click Add/Remove Programs. Once the window has loaded, locate the entry for BondView, click it once, and then click Remove. This will completely uninstall the old add-in and when it completes you should be able to install the new version.

Release Notes

This is the initial release of the BondView Excel Add-in. While we have made every possible effort to ensure a seemless experience, the excel plugin is in the final beta stage. If you do see an error, we'd like to know about it! Please email us, or give us a call at 1-866-261-9533.