BELMAR N J BD ANTIC NTS, 2.63%, 2/8/2019

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As of Mon 08/20/2018 08:21 PM

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Price Summary

Last Trade Price Date Current Yield Yield to Worst Spread
Dealer - - N/A - -
Buyer 101.01 2/2/2018 2.60 0.00 -
Seller - - N/A - -
30 Day Averages Price Current Yield Yield to Worst Spread
Dealer N/A - -
Buyer N/A - -
Seller N/A - -

Bond Summary

bond name cusip maturity date coupon
BELMAR N J BD ANTIC NTS 02/08/2019 2.63
# of 30 day trades high/low 30 day avg vol last trade volume
0 0 27,395,000
next pay date call date market sector state in default
02/08/2019 New Jersey No
30 day yield range # total trades dated date insurer
1 02/08/2018 -

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