BondView Pro provides unparalleled data and technology solutions for Municipal Market professionals.

BondView’s proprietary infrastructure is used by front office, back office, compliance and regulatory departments to gain market insight and comply with today’s stringent regulatory environment.

Bond Funds

Unique and Detailed Analytics and Insight
for the Municipal Bond Marketplace.

Bond Funds is a powerful tool that provides comprehensive information on over 2,000 Municipal Bond Funds. We leverage CUSIP level data to see who owns what bonds, understand maturity schedules, set alerts around portfolio changes, run peer group analysis, spot trends, view holdings diversification and project monthly income. Bond Funds also delivers stress testing at both the fund and CUSIP level, provides spread tracking and much more.

Pre-Trade Analytics (PTA)

Know the Market
BeforeYou Trade

Utilizing our proprietary and back-tested algorithms, BondView’s Pre-Trade Analytics engine generates up to the minute pricing on over 1.1mm municipal bonds. PTA also provides market depth and rich or cheap analysis which supports your pricing decisions. All data is available in report form which can be sent to a client or kept for your records.

Liquidity Assessor

Know your Liquidity Funnel in Real-Time

New regulatory rules require fund managers, their boards and compliance teams to understand liquidity for each portfolio they manage. BondView’s Liquidity Assessor provides a constant monitor of your holdings so that you can comply and report on fund liquidity while not building out expensive infrastructure and policy.

BondView Compliance

Monitor Your Trading
Activity To Ensure Compliance

BondView Compliance assists desk Supervisors and Compliance staff in ensuring adherence to internal policies and procedure around best execution. Our tool set checks prices, performs mark up/mark down analysis and flags trades that are out of market.